Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Maneuvering Heavy Metal Signs

 Life is funny. Mine in particular. Maybe I'm just lucky enough to have a sense of humor about it. Regardless, this week I have; battled a hornets nest with something resembling a chimney sweep's broom, worked on a phone line with a very large basketball phone...which is orange...bright orange...with gold metal hands as a base...in full view of my neighbors (oh, this also involved the chimney sweep's broom...hornets & all), had a battle of the wits, in a hilariously nervous way,  with a possum that invaded my home...& lost, & finally, lifted a dryer to place a, yep, a large, heavy, metal sign to prevent said possum from re-entering my home, all done in very awkward movements. So. There it is. I'm sure I've forgotten some completely ridiculous event...but I will post them as they come to me, either in memory or in action. Here's to another eventful week. There are forces out there determined to make my life interesting & funny. Good times. Good times.